Connector Update: Hosa cables are getting a new look!

After viewing some of the products on our site, you will notice not all of our connectors look the same. This is because we are in the process of refreshing the look of our molded cables. After 30 years of business, we have a lot of product in use and in stores. Product updates for an assortment this vast must take place in waves and result in a period of time when both original and updated products are available for purchase.

If your Hosa cables have orange and gray connectors, you are in possession of the classic Hosa look. Rest assured that classic Hosa cables were manufactured to be just as dependable and are still covered by the Hosa Technology Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We apologize for any confusion this transition may cause and appreciate your continued support as we prepare for the next 30 years.

Old Connectors  New Connectors

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